Would you be able to decode a text message or email from your child if it looked like this:

OMG LOL I was JJA with you, GAL! WAM, I G2G – PAW! BB L8R!

Chances are, unless you are very internet savvy, the answer is probably no. To ensure you know what is going on with your children – particularly if you suspect they are being bullied, or bullying others – it's important to know how to decode their language.

Download our handy abbreviation dictionary and learn some of today's Internet slang. You can find more in the "acronictionary" on the textED.ca website.

If you are having thoughts of suicide or of hurting yourself or others, please reach out immediately for help. Call 9-1-1 (or your local police or authority, if you do not have 9-1-1) or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.

If you are being bullied, feeling alone or just need to talk to someone who will listen, please reach out to a trained volunteer or professional:

Resources for Parents

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Resources for Youth

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Thank you for stopping by to check out the ERASE Bullying online reporting tool. This tool is accessible through computers and smart phones, and will allow students, parents or other witnesses to report bullying or other threatening behaviour, anytime and anywhere.

The online reporting tool has just been developed and is in the final stages of testing.

If you need help, please reach out to someone you trust, like a parent, friend or teacher. Or, you can reach out to someone who doesn’t know you for support. There is a list of youth-oriented support lines and websites on this site just for you.